About Us

Cloud K9 Rescue was formed by a small group of like-minded people who want to make a difference to the lives of Romanian dogs. The stray dog population in Romania is huge, and thousands of dogs are abandoned or born into a life of suffering and neglect. Elderly, sick and pregnant females are often handed over to the brutal dog catchers or left at the public shelters, where disease, overcrowding, hunger and fights are commonplace. The only way out of these shelters is to find a suitable adopter - usually from a foreign country.

All of us below have been horrified by the plight of Romanian dogs and have vowed to do all we could for the dogs and the Romanian volunteers who are trying to help them. Over the last few years, we have all fostered, and frequently adopted, many Romanian dogs, and through our mutual desire to help these dogs, we are all now friends and ‘comrades’ in the battle to save as many as we can.



Colleen has been rescuing and rehoming dogs from Romania for several years. Both were involved with other organisations before co-founding Cloud K9 Rescue. They are particularly interested in dog behaviour and enjoy seeing the progress that can be made with with the more traumatised and otherwise damaged dogs. In May of 2018, they both travelled to Romania to meet the volunteers who have the unenviable task of caring for hundreds of dogs on a daily basis, and were truly humbled by the compassion shown to the dogs in their care. The trip made them even more determined to help as many dogs as they could. Sharon is based in Dorset and Colleen is in North Yorkshire.

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Wendy and Sue

Wendy and Sue have, so far, between them, adopted seven dogs within a relatively short space of time and are both committed to raising awareness for the plight of Romanian dogs. Wendy has a background in rescue and animal welfare and is experienced in working within the Charity sector. She now lives with Sebastian, Daisy and Rio, and usually has one or two foster dogs in her care. Sue is a dedicated supporter of Romanian dogs and has four Rommies of her own: Fizz, Pamela, Noah and Bandit. Sue is a great advocate for the elderly dogs who desperately need a warm bed, good food, and lots of love and care to see them through the remainder of their days. She is also a fabulous researcher and complains that she’s never off her iPad, as we’re always asking her to find information for us!

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Michael and Jane

Michael and Jane are a husband and wife team who are both passionate about animal welfare and now have three Romanian dogs: Jack, Mocha and Ziggy, who live very happily with their other dogs. Both are very patient people who provide excellent care to their foster dogs - always giving them as much time as they need to settle into living in the UK. Jane also has experience with Charity work and fundraising. Michael and Jane are based in Lincolnshire.

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Simon and Marisa

Simon and Marisa are another husband and wife team who have adopted Mollie, an elderly Collie type girl who had lived on the streets for all of her ‘previous’ life in Romania. Marisa and Simon are great foster carers and have several dogs of their own, who unfailingly welcome the Rommies into their home. Marisa also writes articles about dog training and has been a reporter for The Kennel Club and weekly dog newspaper, Dog World. She has had a dog-training book published and ran her own dog training club for many years. Simon and Marisa are based in County Durham.

We are all very excited about the potential difference that our new group can make to the plight of Romanian dogs, and have been humbled and encouraged by the support we’ve had in our very early days.
Please don’t be afraid to ask questions or make comments through our Contact Us page. We’d love to hear from you!