Adoption Application

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Thank you for your interest in adopting a

Romanian rescue dog from Cloud K9 Rescue.


We ask that all our potential adopters complete this form. Whilst we do not mean to ask too many intrusive questions, we do need to know that your fullest consideration has been given to the prospect of adopting a Romanian rescue dog, both for your own sake, and to ensure that we find our dogs the best possible homes.

All our dogs are fostered by experienced foster carers before becoming available for adoption. This ensures that we can best match a dog to you and your particular circumstances. Many of our dogs have had traumatic experiences in their home country and our fosterers will be able to tell you if a dog is afraid of men, cars, loud noises etc., and advise you how best to handle such problems The fosterer will also be able to give you additional information about the dog that you’re interested in adopting – including if he/she is child and cat friendly, gets on well with other dogs, is fully house trained, walks well on a lead etc. 

Please answer our questions truthfully. Our aim is to protect both you and your potential new family member from any unnecessary disruption or upset, and to ensure we find the best-matched homes for

our beloved dogs.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at the email address at the end of this questionnaire if you would like more information, or wish to discuss something on the form that you’re unsure about (don’t forget to include your telephone number if you’d like us to call you).

We hope this will be the start of a great relationship with Cloud K9 Rescue and look forward to receiving your completed questionnaire.