Why Romanian Dogs?

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Thousands of dogs are abandoned on the streets of Romania, where they are poisoned, beaten, kicked, starved, and left to die. Many are caught by brutal dog catchers, who are paid “by the dog”, and thrown into the public shelters, where they will often die from injuries or illness. There is little food, warmth or veterinary care... and no human kindness. Some shelters kill the dogs after only a few weeks, often by painful injection straight into the heart or, in some extreme cases, by beating them to death.


Dogs in Romania are treated as a commodity and are often abandoned by their owners when they become sick or pregnant and are of no further use. Nursing mothers are frequently found abandoned with their puppies in the streets and forests, and the country’s refusal to neuter and spay perpetuates the problem of so many unwanted dogs.


It’s hard for people in the UK to understand that there are no animal welfare organisations in Romania – no RSPCA, Dogs Trust or PDSA, and the only hope for many dogs is that they’ll be pulled to safety by a few of the Country’s volunteer rescuers.


Cloud K9 exists to help prevent the suffering of Romanian dogs through rehoming, neutering campaigns and supporting the vital work being carried out by volunteer rescuers.